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My Hasselblad rejuvenation

My Hasselblad rejuvenation
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About a month ago I decided to buy a whole new photographic system. After renting and experimenting with a digital medium format (DMF) system from Don's Photo, I ended up buying a full system from a local photographer, not just a new camera but a whole new imaging system: a Hasselblad 500c/m including multiple lenses.

The reason I purchased a whole new system, is that over the last year I feel I've lost my photo mojo. Since I spend so much time and effort trying to make a living with commercial photography, I ended up wandering away from the more creative side of my photography including doing any personal photography projects. Even when I'm out of the city exploring new areas, shooting landscapes and starscapes (which are my passion), I always have it in the back of my mind that I could end up using the shots commercially in some way. This has caused me to get away from all the funky angles and different effects like zooming and motion blur that used to add a unique edge to my photography.

After noticing this, I wanted a way to get back the magic and fun of photography, my photo mojo if you will! At first, I went out and shot film again, both slides and colour infrared (some of the last colour IR in existence sadly since it has been discontinued) but still wasn't satisfied since it was a very similar system and process to what I was used to. However, this new digital medium format (DMF) system has been a great inspiration.

With a Hasselblad, although there are techniques to shoot faster, you simply don't want to. The system itself makes you want to slow down and take the time to consider your photograph more than you would with the more versatile 35mm format. I'm very happy I've found this new system as it's allowed me to rekindle that "go out and play" side of my photography and even gotten me back to doing the same with my 35mm systems.

The above gallery contains several examples of the more fun side of my photography and also includes resolution tests which are tested side by side with my 35mm digital system. You can find a review of my new equipment including side by side comparisons and resolution tests on my local photography site (In the Reviews section)

Thanks to all those who helped me with this new system including Ben S., Don's photo and everyone at for reminding me with their own photos that you should always keep the fun factor in your photography!
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