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I got into shooting large format on a regular basis only in 2009, but thanks to over 17 years worth of film and exposure experience, I settled into it very easliy. Even despite it being a much more technical style of photography, due to the multitude of extra aspects you need to pay attention to including manual metering and individual sheet loading of the film.
So, what IS large format? Think Ansel Adams with the large cloth draped over his head.

This is a picture of me photographing models in a studio during one of my lighting workshops with one of my large format cameras:

(Photo by Jojo)

Large format is a type of photography where the film starts off at 4"x5" and goes all the way up to as large a camera & film combination which you can create! The most popular sizes are 4x5", 5x7" and 8x10".
When scanned, a 4x5" negative can produce up to an 800 megapixel file.(*Size dependant on your scanner) That's right 800 megapixels! Which actually makes a lot of sense when you compare the largest DSLR sensors are around 1" across. In other words, large format is about 20 times larger than your standard DSLR sensor! My 24 megapixel DSLR feels a lot smaller right now!

In Winnipeg, although there are still many photographers who own large format equipment, sadly there are less than a handful who still practice shooting it. Due to the advent of digital, and the demand by clients for an extremely quick turnaround, large format, being almost exclusively film based has died out almost completely in Canada and even around the world.

There are digital scan backs for large format cameras however they do NOT work like a normal camera. These "scan backs", as the name implies, work more like a scanner than a camera. Each picture takes a minimum of 50 seconds to scan/capture, in which time you can imagine that things will move. Not the best option even in landscape photography where things are normally fairly stationary.

I personally shoot all my large format work with 4x5" cameras*, get the film developed at the only place left in Winnipeg that still processed this size of film, and then scan the images myself. *I have now purchased a 6x17 camera and although this format isn't designated as large format, it's wider than my 4x5" cameras but much less tall as it's a panoramic format.

Please see below for examples of my large format and 6x17 work.


The Provencher bridge/Esplanade Riel

November 2009 and February 2010
Winnipeg aerial stock photography
High resolution stock photography - film: Winnipeg aerial photography

Medium format panoramic, helicopter landscapes and hoarfrost

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June 14, 2012

Winnipeg aerial photography
High resolution stock photography - film: Winnipeg aerial photography

The following images are available up to 500 megapixels. Yes, 500 megapixels!

November 11, 2009

Happy Remembrance day to all.

Was a beautiful day!
It was so nice that I had to take out a new piece of kit, imported from a land far away: a large format Fuji instant camera back. For those of you not familiar this is basically a Polaroid back for a large format camera, producing both instant colour or B&W photos on the spot. Simply shoot, remove the photo from the holder and wait for it to develop. Done!
Who ever said digital was quicker? With this I get a printed photo, instantly!

One of the results with it's own subject in the background:

(Click for larger image)

And here is a shot of the camera:

(Click for larger image)

And finally one of the instant photos scanned:

(Click for larger image)

October 21, 2009

A new large format photo for a DW project *Click for a larger version

This 4"x5" negative, when scanned, is over 800 megapixels and is almost 2 gigabytes in size. Yes, it's BIG!

October 11, 2009

Last week I bought another large format camera and buried in the pile of stuff included was a strange looking device: A polaroid back. Also included where the remnants of a box of polaroid film.

Now, I've NEVER shot polaroid. My nan (grandma) being the woman of the moment she is, had a Polaroid a long time back. I still even have a few pics that she made from it of her dog and house etc. However, that's the only exposure I've had to that format but the Polaroid instamatic she had was nothing compared to the complexity of this weird looking large format Polaroid back attachment, device, doohickey, thingie...

So, finding these gems although interesting was also weird and scary to me.
How does this large format polaroid back work?
How long do you let it develop for?

Being the internetty guy I am I did some research, and then being the active shooter I am, I took some pics, one of which I'm now using as my new avatar on the WPC :

Click for a larger image

*Thanks to my buddy J, professional hand model, for modeling this one for free for me!

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