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For more of my recent time-lapse work, please see my YouTube account hare.

I do commercial time-lapse work including construction site time-lapses, event-time-lapses and other types of time-lapses. Contact me for details on my ABOUT page..

Winnipeg Photo Community gallery #4

Time-lapse video of storm over Winnipeg

Northern Lights active time lapse
: 04.06.10

Northern Lights time lapse
: 04.05.10

From Winnipeg to Calgary in 2m15s

Power97 photo shoot time-lapse

Opening night of my WPC gallery

My WPC Gallery #3 setup

The following is a multi photo time lapse movie of me installing my gallery show from start to finish. Click on either image to see the video (5.8mb)

The Northern Lights: Watch them dance in this short Time-lapse video (click thumbnail to view: 238k)

Cruise night time-lapse:

Click to view the time-lapse video.

A short Time-lapse of just after sunrise with some really fast clouds. (Click thumbnail to view: 1mb)

A very special time-lapse taken over 15 minutes.

A 2 hour timelapse of the Milky Way from Falcon Lake, Manitoba

Auroras - Northern Lights

-This is a 1.5mb movie of auroras/northern lights over the Birds Hill Park area in Manitoba.

2.5hr Time-lapse of the Provencher Bridge from before sunset to twilight.
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