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Dan Harper's: "Going Pro" DVD set
Now available as of April 2, 2010!
This is a DVD set of the full 6.5 hour seminar I gave in January 2010.

DVD Cover: (click for a larger version)

Here are some of the comments from some of the attendees:
-"I think it was well worth it. I liked the smaller group size."
-"You where very articulate with your topics!"
-"I found it very informative and like the casual setting."
-"Thanks for taking the time and having the courage to do this seminar!"

Most people had the same thing to say when asked which sections where most helpful:
-"Enjoyed all aspects."
-"All of it was extremely useful."

However the specific parts of the seminar which most people felt where most interesting/helpful where:

As I had 17 registered attendees for the seminar itself, I am not expecting huge sales on this product so have done a short initial run of 10 DVD sets.

-I will be selling the 4 DVD set for $300 to the general public
-WPC members: $250
-However, I'm also going to give anyone who buys one in the first week an additional $50 off

Please contact me by e-mail to purchase your copy!

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