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Film review: Fuji Velvia (100F) vs. Kodak Ektar (100)

For those of you who have never shot the two side by side or those getting into or back into film this is just a quick and dirty, for the most part side by side comparison
of two very popular colour films.

1) Fairly standard side by side shot in daylight

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2) Difficult shot through the window of a helicopter

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Indirect and yet similar photo for comparison (taken in the exact same location within minutes of each other)

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Here the amount of details in the clouds show Velvia having more dynamic range.
Both photos taken at the exact same exposure.

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-First of all, Velvia shows more tone in the highlight areas and overall appears to have more dynamic range
-Ektar has more pronounced yellows whereas Velvia looks to have a red tint to it
-Velvia also looks to be more saturated with beautiful blue skies
-One thing not immediately visible in this comparison is that Velvia also appears to have more detail when viewed under a loupe

-Both films have a distinctive look but Velvia really shines for vivid, saturated landscapes

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