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Seminar: "Going pro"
"How to get into and help yourself succeed in professional photography"

This is part of a series of professional development workshops I am putting on in 2010.
This particular seminar, "Going pro", goes step by step through everything you need to know in order to help you succeed in professional photography. An informative, energetic presentation with a huge amount of example photos, lighting setups and diagrams and more tips and tricks than you can shake a 600mm F2.8 at!

A photo from one of the lighting workshops I taught in 2009 which included over 60 participants:

-Event: Seminar: "Going pro"
Saturday, January 30, 2010
1pm-5pm (may go until 6pm if necessary)
St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre

"Early bird" pricing if you register before January 21, 2010:
-Non WPC contributing members: $250
-WPC Members: $200
Register on or after January 22, 2010:
-Non WPC Members: $500
-WPC contributing members: $400
*Please see below for details on how to register

This seminar is meant for:

-Photographers who are just starting or who are about to take paid photo shoots
-Anyone who wants to learn more about the ins and outs and daily goings on of professional photography
-People thinking about starting a studio at home, part time or professionally
-Anyone who wants information on how to value and price their work for any type of photography
-People who want to understand how to deal with clients
-Anyone wanting to learn about what it takes to work and succeed as a full time photographer

Workshop overview:
1) Attitude
2) The business of photography
3) Gear
4) Technique & exposure (example photos and lighting setups)
5) Vision/Inspiration (specific shoots explained)
6) Pricing/Usage
7) Getting clients/Promoting yourself
8) Critique of submitted images
9) Q&A

What you will learn:

-How to start a photography business (name registration, making forms ie invoices/release forms etc., keeping track of all of your invoicing and finances, insurance on gear etc.)
-What you do and don't need for gear dependent on the type of photography
-How to light and expose for almost any type of photography
-How to value and price all kinds of photography (everything from weddings to portraits to products to events and more) as well as how to rights manage your photos
-The logistics of a photo shoot
-How to deal with clients
-How to promote yourself and your business including advertising
-This session will be FILLED with tips and tricks of the trade which will be invaluable to someone coming into the field

How to register:
Please download, fill out and send in the following form (which is in PDF format)
It contains all the information on registration pricing as well as where to send a cheque if you want to save money and sign up early. It also contains more information on how to submit images for the critique session and more.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

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