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Photographic locations in Winnipeg and around Manitoba
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Last update: November 29, 2009

I get asked quite often "what are the best places to shoot landscapes and portraits around Winnipeg and Manitoba?" So, I've finally taken the time to compile a list for anyone local who hasn't yet explored the city or province as well as for those from outside of Manitoba who are planning a visit. Although in some cases I've added a link, in most cases I've simply listed the name of the area with some information about it so, if you are looking for specific directions or more information simply do a search for that area and you will find them very easily.

*Please see the bottom of this page for information on photo friendly events that happen throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba

Landscape & wildlife photography in Winnipeg and Manitoba:
Here is a list of some of the best locations around Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba to shoot landscapes and wildlife.


-The Forks: Just minutes from downtown this market area attracts thousands of people a day and is a beautiful waterfront area of Winnipeg. It's also a great place to grab lunch and a central hub for the rest of the city. (Note: For those who know it, this area has a similar look and feel to Granville Island in Vancouver)

-The Canadian Museum for Human Rights: To open in 2011, this will be a spectacular architectural structure on Winnipeg's skyline.

-Manitoba Legislative Building: The MB Legislature or "The Ledge" as locals call it is free to walk around and shoot in and you can even bring a tripod. You will have to sign in at security and wear a pass but they are very welcoming and is architecturally spectacular.

-All of Winnipeg's parks are great locations for photos particularly during summer as many of them are used for festivals.

Assiniboine Park also includes the Winnipeg Zoo (entrance fee) which is a great spot for animal lovers. It also has a duck pond and many flower gardens as well as a large indoor and outdoor sculpture area. It also connects to Assiniboine Forest where you can see even more wildlife.

St. Vital Park has an unfenced duck pond and also many smaller flower gardens

Kildonan Park includes "Rainbow Stage" Canada's longest surviving outdoor theatre

King's Park has some smaller Asian themed areas

-Winnipeg has three primary Universities which all have interesting buildings architecturally: The University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg and Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface. All are worth a visit!

-Fort Whyte Alive: An amazing wildlife preserve just inside the Winnipeg Perimeter, this area is a bird watchers dream with multiple species living or migrating throughout all year.

-Fort Gibraltar: Fort Gibraltar is a voyageur themed park where throughout the year there are reenactors. Check schedule for details. It's very photo friendly and also very entertaining. During the Winter this location is host to the largest winter festival in the province: Festival du Voyageur.

-Westview Park aka "Garbage hill" to locals, was created out of just that...not locals: garbage! It's one of the only high points in the city, and by high it's still not over 100m tall.
The entrance located at approximately 1470 Wellington Ave. will take you up a short road to the parking lot where you can get out and go slightly higher to look East into the downtown area (still far away at 300mm) or West to watch airplanes take off.

-Aviation museum: A collection of planes and aviation history awaits you indoors and out.

-Assiniboia Downs horse racing: Located just outside the perimeter of Winnipeg, this area allows for some great fast passed action photography of horse races.

-High up locations: unfortunately there are no public viewing stations which are high up in Winnipeg. All of the access points require accredited professional photographer status and even then can normally only be used for assignment shoots.
However, there is an observation tower at the Forks which allows a good view of both the Forks and downtown Winnipeg. Also, around downtown Winnipeg there are several parking locations which are normally 5-8 stories high and give a great view of the city.


-Oak Hammock Marsh: A wildlife preserve this is a huge area with multiple varieties of wildlife from birds to mammals of all kinds. Located about 20 minutes from the Winnipeg Perimeter it's also easy to access.

-Birds Hill Provincial Park: Just minutes outside Winnipeg is BHPP where you'll find both wildlife and wild life with it's man made beaches and camp grounds. Lots of wildlife here with deer being prominent.

-Lower Fort Garry: A national historic site, LFG is the oldest stone fur trading post still intact in North America. The have multiple interpreters/reenactors to tell/show you what it was like in the mid 1800s.

-Brokenhead Indian reserve: Just an hour outside of Winnipeg the Brokenhead community has just recently opened an aboriginal themed tour complete with traditional meal. There is a price attached to the tour.

-Grand Beach: named one of the top 10 beaches in the world by Playboy magazine, it has kilometers of sandy beach front area and is a very popular weekend destination for Winnipegers and tourists alike

-The Delta area has a huge marshland and bird habitat at Delta Marsh

-Gimli, Manitoba: Approximately one hour from Winnipeg this small lakeside town has some serious charm as well as a marina area and nordic theme. They also host one of Manitoba's premier events, the Gimli Icelandic Festival in the summer.

-Spirit Sands: A beautiful sand dune like area, this park has several self-guiding trails from .3k to 1.9.

-Hecla: Golfers and photographers alike love this area. Located in the Southern portion of Lake Winnipeg, the rock formations look more like they are from the East coast of Canada.

-Riding Mountain National Park: A huge national park located about 2.5 to 3 hours from Winnipeg, this park has many cabins and other amenities for longer stays.

-Manitoba wind farm/wind turbines: Manitoba has a large wind farm around the area of the town of St. Leon. St. Leon is about 2 hours South-West of Winnipeg.

-Duck Mountain Provincial Park

-Narcisse snake pits: Located approximately six kilometers north of the town of Narcisse, Manitoba this area, in late April to early May, is home to thousands of garter snakes coming out of hibernation and mating. A very unique experience!

-Churchill: Renowned for it's Tundra Buggy Tours and Polar bears, check out for more information on tour packages

-Thompson: there are several waterfalls within an hour of the town including the two largest in Manitoba one of them being very accessible: Pisew Falls.

-Pembina Valley: The Pembina Valley stretches over a large area of rural Manitoba but includes terrain not seen in other parts of the province. Small points of elevation allow one to photograph the vastness of the prairies from a slight high, providing a different perspective on a familiar landscape.
Also be sure to check out the Pembina Valley Provincial Park where you'll need your walking/hiking shoes as it includes several well groomed trails.

-Whiteshell provincial park: This vast area includes both dams and cottage country.

-Seven sisters rapids & Seven Sisters Dam: This location located approximately 1.5 hours outside of WInnipeg is home to large groups of Pelicans as well as a short rapids area. The dam itself being a couple of kilometers from the falls is a spectacular sight in the winter or summer.

-Pinawa Dam Provincial Park: A spectacular location approximately 1.5 hours outside of Winnipeg, this is a defunct dam, no longer in use which is popular for it's decrepit look and rushing water that many people swim around.

Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis
Manitoba is one of the best more Southerly places in Canada to check out this natural wonder.
As long as you're as far as Birds Hill Park you can see them on an active night but it's best to be as far as Grand Beach or further to get the best photographic opportunity.

Abandoned houses
Although there are several abandoned houses across the province, only a few of them are within a shorter drive of Winnipeg. *Take caution at any abandoned area as there may be falling debris or unsafe conditions and you may be trespassing.
-There is a very popular abandoned farm house visible from Beausejour, Manitoba, which is at the corner of highway 11 and 44. Approximately a 40 minute drive from the Winnipeg perimeter.
-There is another abandoned area by St Elizabeth, Manitoba, just behind the town's church.
-There is an abandoned farmhouse where the farmer is friendly on the way to Carman on highway #2 near Culross, Manitoba. This is about 30 minutes from the WPG perimeter. If you're looking right near Culross you can't miss it.

Portrait locations around Winnipeg
For those of you looking for locations to shoot anything from a portrait session to engagements or weddings, here are some of the most picturesque parts of town.
Many of these are the same locations as above but but with added information about pricing etc.

-If you are looking for an indoor studio: Level3 Studios has a very nice and large space to shoot in. It boasts six different themes in the same area which include everything from a standard white BG/cove area all the way to several old building/decrepit looking areas including old style wood floor. They also have many props and as part of the rental fee include studio lights.

-Fort Gibraltar: A very special location within Winnipeg, this is a huge historic wood fort/park. They also include re-enactors on demand as well as outdoor event tents. Booking and fees mandatory.

-Fort Whyte Alive: Although renowned for it's nature this location is also spectacular to book for weddings and portrait shoots.

-Manitoba Legislature & grounds: You have to book in advance but it is free as long as the time slot is open. You can shoot outside for free but if you don't have a booking those who do take precedence.

-The Forks: There are several areas around the Forks which are popular and very visually appealing to shoot: The Aboriginal sharing circle, the pedestrian bridges, directly in the market area and all along the waterfront are just some of the nicer locations.

-The Exchange district: Part of downtown, this area has a 1920's Chicago look to it and has actually doubled as Chicago in several movies. It is also located around "Old Market Square" which hosts daily lunch concerts during the summer. The most popular areas to shoot in are near Albert Street but you will also find many great locations on the East side of Main St as well as down by the waterfront.

-Red River College, downtown campus: There is a price attached to shoot there but it's reasonable and also a really modern/architectural location.

-Assiniboine park: The park also includes indoor locations which can be booked at a price to ensure a location in case of bad weather. The indoor locations are the conservatory and the Leo Mol garden (indoor sculpture area)

-Provencher bridge/Esplanade Riel: This bridge, creating a link between St Boniface (French area) and downtown is one of the most photographed landmarks in Winnipeg. The whole area around it is public so no reservation needed to shoot on it unless you want to have a nip at Salsbury House and shoot in the restaurant.

-St Boniface dock: A small dock used for water taxis this is one of the best locations to shoot the Provencher Bridge/Esplanade Riel from at any time of the night or day. This area is located on Taché avenue, just in front of the St Boniface Cathedral.

-St Boniface Cathedral: In walking distance of the Provencher bridge, this century old church burnt down in the 50s, leaving a beautiful shell with a completely nonexistent roof. You need to book to shoot inside our out and there is also a cost to shoot both. (Aprox $75)

-Forks and St Boniface river walk: This area, stretching from the Legislature all the way down to the Forks and over the Provencher Bridge and into St Boniface provides a huge length of waterfront area to shoot in. All of this is on or by the river and is perfect for engagement or portraiture.
List of other general portrait locations:

-Most of the golf courses and country clubs especially those just out of town host weddings and allow for photos to be taken. Some of these include: Bel Acres Golf and Country Club, Breezy Bend Country Club, Bridges Golf Course,


-Festival du Voyageur: This is a French based (but very English friendly) annual multi day event that happens in the heart of the French area of Winnipeg: St. Boniface. More specifically around Fort Gibraltar, a rebuilt fort with multiple buildings within it. There are dozens of re-enactors from the Manitoba Living History Society always dressed in period garb and happy to talk about the history and times of the area.
Visit: for more details

-Folklorama: Held for two weeks in August, Folklorama brings the world to Winnipeg by using both local and international groups to host culturally based pavilions. Within these pavilions you will experience the unique cuisine, dance and other performances by over 40 different cultures (African, Ukrainian, Chinese etc).
Web site:

-Winnipeg International Children's Festival: Held annually in early June this is a weekend full of events for kids.

-Winnipeg Folk Festival: AKA "Winnipeg's Woodstock", held for over 35 years in July, just outside of Winnipeg, this internationally acclaimed event hosts over 70 acts over five days. There is a camping area, family activities and as always, the music!
Web site:

-Teddy bear's picnic: A children's based event, there are over 50 tens and entertainment of all kind for kids including a "teddy bear hospital" where kids can bring in their stuffed animals to get patched up.
Web site:

-Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival: A huge local multi-day theatre festival, there are a handful of outdoor events that are photo friendly but the indoor events do not allow photography.

-Gimli Icelandic festival

-Canad Inns Winter Wonderland: This is an annual event held in the Winter which allows you to view over 20 animated holiday light displays with over 250000 lights!

-Santa Claus Parade: Held in November this is a float based parade ending with the man in red himself: Santa Claus

There are many other festivals and events throughout the year, for more details check both: and

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